Monday, 6 December 2010

The beginning begins when it begins

So, here's the first blog of what I hope will be a major happening in my life and career and I hope will be something that opens me up to new directions and practices.

The premise is simple: A performer, an audience, a space - an event. My fear is that this sounds pretentious but then if I were to say its basically just me talking totally unscripted and unprepared bollocks in front of a paying audience, well, then it would just sound ludicrous. Or if I were to say that its my attempt to be a stand up comic (which isn't remotely true, by the way) then I would be ridiculed for not being funny enough.

The honest truth is that I don't really know what it is or what it will be but I'm massively excited by the prospect of jumping in. Totally improvised performances based on the events of the day just gone, both in my life and the lives of my audience - and of the world in general. I'll talk much more about what I think this could lead to and what I really hope I'm setting out to achieve by doing this in future blog posts but let me just say now that I hope people will come along with me for the ride wherever it may take me.

I'll be starting research and preparation for the performances - is that the right word for them? Does that sound too polished? Should I call them 'experiments' or does that sound too pretentious? - anyway, I'll be starting work in February with showings of the work in a variety of spaces in Swansea and Cardiff in May and June 2011. And after that, who knows what will happen? I'll make regular entries on this blog about my experiences alongside video diaries on youtube and a facebook and twitter feed for the project as well. I hope that people will interact with me and give me their thoughts on the project both as it is being prepped and once it is in front of audiences.

And I really really hope that I don't die on my arse ...


For more details on the project, check out the link to the Arts Council Wales site - they very kindly gave me a Creative Wales Award in order to allow me to undertake this lunacy.

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