Thursday, 24 February 2011

Random scribblings

From my notebook as I read Tony Allen's fantastic book - "A Summer in the Park: A Journal of Speakers' Corner. All of these thoughts are useful to OEMP - but exactly how remains a mystery -

A humanist congregation.

No suspension of disbelief in the park. No fourth wall.

Stay in the present and in the room.

The cross-over between performance, play and real life.

"Think before you speak ... and speak slowly."

"I may disagree with what you are saying ... but I would die for your right to say it."

Disturb the comfortable, comfort the disturbed.

Question and answer mode - mixed ability shaman.

Relax and pay attention.

"Having moments, finding the lateral, addressing the now and delighting in being alive."

When in doubt, tell the truth.

Be first to make light of seriousness. Be first to censure messing about.

There's always a next time ...

Social intercourse.

Stop when you're winning before it fizzles out.

Mellow, soften, play.

The laughter associated with schadenfreude has a quality all of its own.

Any questions?

Dynamics? Attitude? Material? Diction? Timing? Fancy a drink?

No one pulling you on mistakes makes for a slow learning process and an arrogance that can lead to demagoguery.

Self deprecation - a vital tool.

Free speech demands the involvement of individuals free enough to express themselves.

There you go. Make of that what you will. I certainly did.


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